Why not browse our varied gift selection for your dad this father's day?


With our wide range of garden tools and gadgets, quirky garden ornaments and accessories, garden themed gift ware and our extensive bird and nature care range we really do have something for everyone! 

Has your lawn suffered from last year's heat wave?


Or perhaps you're laying a new are to turf? Perhaps you would like your lawn to look greener but are worried about pet friendly treatment?


Now is the time to tend to your lawn and we have a wide range of seed, feed and weed killer to help you achieve Wimbledon worthy levels of perfection.


Pop in and ask any member of our team for more advice on how to bring out the best in your lawn.

We are just beginning to come to the end of the frantic summer bedding period, with many of our bedding plants coming in slightly larger pots ready for an instant pot of colour or to help with any troublesome gaps you may have in your borders.


Check out our range of larger geraniums or potted cosmos, a great way to attract bees and butterflies to your garden too!

We are absolutely thrilled with our new stock of plastic free pots and saucers, made from a sustainable bamboo and rice mix they are 100% recyclable. In addition to their recycling credentials if aided by an active compost ingredient these pots break down completely within 6-12 months. According to their website Haxnicks estimate that over 500 million traditional black plastic pots are sold every year despite being almost impossible to recycle, no wonder they’ve won awards for these environmentally friendly garden essentials!  


If you are looking to grow from seed or pot on young plants this year, we strongly recommend these pots as an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional black plastic.


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