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Oakington Grown

In 2020 we decided to go back to where we began and grow our own plants again.

We view this as a much more sustainable and cost effective way to sell plants, cutting down on our carbon footprint and passing the saving made by “growing our own” on to our customers.

It has been fantastic to have the choice and control of deciding what varieties to grow. We have been able to raise old favourites not always seen for sale anymore, as well as more unusual or new varieties that we might not otherwise have been able to offer.

We harvest rainwater from the polytunnel roof, which is stored in a tank so that we can irrigate the plants sustainably. Trends in gardening are now much more geared towards conservation, sustainability and managing the effects of climate change.

We are now able to offer a expanding range of the most popular shrubs and perennials from our polytunnels at competitive prices.

Buying “Oakington Grown” is an excellent option for those with a landscaping project in mind, as we can offer a high volume of plants without the price tag. 

It is a sustainable and economic way to fill your garden with beautiful and interesting plants. This is a new and developing aspect of the business that we are very proud of.

In 2024 we decided to plant our own orchard on site to replace the ones that had been lost around us for the public to enjoy and we have plans to plant a lavender field and wild flower meadow in 2025.

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