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Plant Cuttings

Aquatic Plants
In spring and summer, we have a small range of marginal and deep water plants including water lilies and more native species. Some are striking and architectural such as the Japanese horsetail and Arum lily, others are bright and colourful such as Kingcups and Marsh marigolds.

Bedding Plants
A large variety of locally grown bedding is available from spring to early summer, along with planted hanging baskets and tubs. You can also leave your empty baskets with us and we will plant them for you. In the autumn we have Pansies and Violas that will provide you with colour until the following spring.


Climbing plants are extremely versatile, they can scramble over a fence, pergola, shed or tree, add height to a border by being trained up an obelisk, or be used as colourful ground cover. We have a good selection of early, mid-season and late flowering Clematis, including patio varieties that are great for a pot or small space. We also have a large range of other climbers: Abutilons, Campsis, Ivies, Honeysuckle, Virginia creeper, Wisteria and many more, that will suit many situations.

We carry a wide range of trees, shrubs, fruit, perennials, climbers and roses, with seasonal offerings such as seed potatoes, winter and summer vegetables, bedding plants, wallflowers, soft fruit, bare root hedging, turf and bulbs

Our plant manager is happy to try to source specific plants for customer requests, or to put together an order to fulfil a designer planting scheme. We offer a delivery service, which is free for larger orders.


After going out of fashion for a while, conifers are becoming more popular thanks to their evergreen and structural qualities and the fact that they are low maintenance. We tend to concentrate on the slow growing varieties that come in many different colours and textures, and are more suitable for small gardens or for ground cover. We also have a selection of pines which are architectural as well as being drought tolerant.

Fruit Trees
The "grow your own" trend is continuing, with many people choosing to have a ready supply of delicious fruit growing in their own back garden. With many gardens and allotment plots getting smaller, varieties of fruit on a dwarf rootstock are especially popular. Most of our fruit trees can be supplied in a dwarf form, including apples, cherries, plums and gages. We also have apricots and peaches that are small enough to grow in a pot. There are also figs, quinces, mulberries, medlars and nuts on display. Autumn through to spring is the best time to see our full range, but we still have many trees available during the summer months.

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